Scope of Appointment

Thank you for requesting information about a Medicare Advantage Plan (Part C) with prescription and Cost plans .
Whom am I speaking with?

Thank you . However, before I can speak to you about this type of plan the Centers For Medicare and Medicaid Services requires me to receive permission before I can speak to you about this plan. Also, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services requires me to give you my contact information. So if you have a pen here is my info, ( Info) Name, my telephone number and my Home Office is in Wilmington NC also I need to inform you that I am a licensed sales representative and am contracted by a Medicare Plan and I do not directly work for the Federal Government and I may be paid based on your enrollment in the plan.

So for the record may I have you name address and telephone number. The type of plan that your inquiring about is a Medicare Advantage Plan ( Part C) and Cost Plans .So do I have your permission to speak to you about these types of plan during our appointment. Our appointment is today ( Give todays Date) .

Finally I am required to inform you that by agreeing to speak to me it will not affect your current or future enrollment in a Medicare Plan, does not enroll you in a Medicare Plan or obligate you to enroll in a Medicare plan whatsoever. Thank You